Monday, October 3, 2016

Monday, October 3, 2016

Hey mama,

That is such an exciting story of prayer and really truly inspired me.  Thanks for sharing it. I’ll keep Emma in my prayers, I pray a lot that the Lord will protect her while she is away from home. So this week was crazy awesome. I don't know how I could say all I want to say so I’ll just tell you when I get home. Know that I’m happy and all is well. I copied the letter my president sent me this morning, it looks like I have changes:

“You did a great job turning around the Nimajuyu Zone!! I am so thankful for your leadership. I need your help and leadership in Arrazola in the Don Justo Zone. I think it is a great area with wonderful members to help. The missionaries have not had a good attitude and it needs a pick me up. Please help me with this area and with Elder Rodriquez. He is a good young missionary that came into the mission with a lot of animo. I think you both can be a great team together. Thank you for all that you do! I am counting on you to turn this area around. Have a great week!”

With love,
President Caffaro
#dispuestoydigno para bautizar!

My email to President:

After the mission council I was almost sure that I was going to train this change. I filled out a whole page in my journal Saturday night with goals and plans for this change. After reading the story of Hermana Flucher my head was spinning with ideas and ways we could use NVS better and win the members. To be honest I was kind of disappointed last night, I was so fired up to do everything with my kid, but felt like maybe I had let you down and didn't deserve to train. When Elder De Leon called to tell me this morning that I was being sent with a purpose I felt way better. After Reading your letter I feel even more excited. If we don't turn around the ward it’s because it’s simply not the will of God, I highly doubt it’s not his will. Let's do it :) #NVS #lovemorejudgeless
Thank you,

Elder Dabel
Tell everyone I love them and miss them and am doing great. I can't wait to see you on the 17th. BTW no one else in the mission has changes that day, just me and my group because the president wanted us to be home for christmas! :)

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