Monday, October 31, 2016

October 31, 2016

This Week was hard but full of miracles too. :) My area has been a pain in the butt. We spend more time traveling, walking, and planing than we do working and teaching. My area is about as big as White City to Shady Cove and at night there aren't buses so we have to walk hours sometimes. The other night we were walking home in one of the areas farthest away from home and we were a little worried about making the 2 hour walk before 9 PM. I started to pray that someone would give us a ride. About 5 minuets later an old rigidity corolla pulled over and a family called us over. We got in and thanked them. On the way they said that their daughter was sick and they were bringing her to the doctor.

I felt inspired to ask if they were members but the father responded no. I remembered that our mission leader said their was a less active member in the area but had never met her. I felt inspired to ask again and asked the mother if she was a member and after a silent pause she said yes. She has been inactive for awhile and we were able to visit her Friday. :) Friday we were left with the same problem walking home and I prayed again for a ride. 5 minuets later a 4 runner pulled over and asked if we wanted a ride. I was so thankful!!! :)
My investigators, Douglas and Maria, that we found the first week are so golden!!! They both said that they feel so good during the lessons and at church and are almost positive they want to be baptized. After the lesson with Douglas in his prayer he said, "God I know you have been a little silent, but I'm sure it is all true. I believe you are with these two young men, they speak so clearly and explicitly, and are so happy. Please confirm all that I'm learning because I want to get baptized.
Maria pulled out a little progress paper we gave her that shows all you need to get baptized. She checked off the lesson and said, ''Well I only need a little bit more. I have a service project this week on Sunday so I don't know if I'll make it. Can I still be baptized on the 12th if I miss this Sunday?'' hehe :)Pilas
Thank you mom! I'm going to share your story with my recent converts. They really struggle getting to church. I love you all so much. See you soon!

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