Monday, October 31, 2016

October 24, 2016

This week was a week of absolute miracles!!!! We were walking along roads in the middle of nowhere looking for somewhere to contact and came across a few houses. We contacted one and a teen girl came out and said oh hey elders I'm one of your investigators... I was like umm 1st how off how do you know that!? And who are you? Turns out she went to church two Sundays ago with her boyfriend to watch conference and really liked it, haha, her name is Edina. Later we found a lady called Maria and before I even said hi she said come in! Come in!!! I have been waiting for you guys like 7 years! Why haven't you come by!? She explained that the missionaries visited her before but never got baptised because she had problems with coffee. She was excited to let us in and share a message. She even came to church on Sunday.

We walked out of the house and started off for another and I said to my companion, "How many miracles can you see in one day?" So we had a lesson with a guy named Douglas. He walked into the chapel last Sunday and started asking how he could become a member and the members there sent us his number. We visited him and he told us that for years he has felt the need to come to church here and wanted to learn more. He is secretly taking the lessons because he wants it to be a surprise to his 3 children and wife haha.. Sooo miracles this week!
My comp and I were walking and I could tell in his steps that he was tired. I asked what was wrong and he said, "Well I think I'm in love compa.... He was silent again, then said I just can't stop thinking bout her. I was like OH NO compa... with who!!!? Silence again..... with the baptismal font compa, with the baptismal font! hehe
Oh, and our other investigator that the other missionaries left accepted the invitation to be baptized next week!! He is pilas, but cross your fingers.
I love and miss you all so much! See you soon!!!"

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