Wednesday, July 13, 2016

This week was absolutely crazy for me and my companion! We felt we should go over to the house of some elders in our zone in the morning to do a study. We got over and asked the owner of their house for keys to the house so we could surprise them hehe. What we found was one of the most disappointing scenes I have ever seen in my life. I don't want to give many details, but I'm positive they will be going home. My testimony of the words of the Lord "I the lord will not be mocked " is really strong. I don't doubt he planned that morning.

Now for the awesome news! My comp and I have been fasting and praying to see miracles in our area because we have been working really hard, but didn't really have anyone to baptize this change. Wednesday we had Oralia, an investigator of two weeks, ask us why she couldn't be baptized this Saturday because she felt 100% ready haha. Woohooo!!! We also had an investigator named Maria Jose that just needed permission from her Catholic mom. Maria has been waiting forever to be baptized, but has been denied continually by her mom. But on Thursday after a fast of faith and a lesson of super spirit and authority the mom couldn't say no:) So Maria asked to be baptized ASAP! haha Saturday night she was baptized with Oralia. It was so intense.

I know my comp and I were blessed for our obedience and diligence this change. We both have had to humble ourselves, change, and get along, but we did and we were blessed! :) I love my comp so much, I'm sad he has changes. This change was something different, every single night my dreams were about my investigators and the elders in my zone. Not even in my sleep did I stop teaching, contacting, and searching. I felt like my heart, might, mind, and strength were giving everything. I love obedient companions that I don't have to pull. :) If only they were all pullers the load would be so much lighter, the mission would be so much happier.

I love you guys so much. Remember miracles are real and the Lord won’t be mocked hehe ;)