Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27, 2015

Thanks Momma! 

Make sure to give Levi a big hug and tell him I’m so proud of him!!! And that I wish him the best of luck! 

This week has been awesome! Once again the Lord has completed with his end of the covenants that we made with Him. As a zone we all committed to get at least 20 lessons this week. In the last few weeks I’ve been here, and even before that, this area hasn't been able to get the 20. But with faith and hard work we got it this week! We went over and got 23 lessons this week! :) We have been seeing miracle after miracle here in Guajitos and our dats should only be going up because our inventory of investigators is too. 

My faith in making covenants with the Lord has grown so much in the last 3 weeks here. Not once has the Lord left us hanging. Something that I’ve learned about making the covenants with the Lord is that we should focus on one thing at a time. Every week we chose one thing to focus on, and then within the week, we make more covenants to make the goal within our covenants we have made for the week. Sometimes we have doubts in our head that are extremely hard to overcome. I’ve learned that that doesn't matter.  As long as I am working my hardest with the hope that he will fulfill his end, then my part of faith is complete. We should all be making covenants with the Lord and try to better ourselves every day, every week, and every month. Binding the Lord in a promise will bring miracles that will build your foundation of faith better than anything else. Don't neglect your seed of faith if you wish to eat the fruit most valuable and sweet. 

I was reading in Ether yesterday that we should always ask the the Lord if our desires are worthy. If it is a worthy desire then the Spirit will burn within us and we will know it is good. Then when we make the covenants and fulfill our part with faith the Lord will complete his end without fail.

Thank you  so much for the support mom, and don't worry I’m not getting discouraged! Our Mission President received revelation that we can baptize 2 every month and get 20 lessons every week. I don't believe that is an average that the Lord just gave us to TRY to complete, that is a number that he knows every area in the mission can get if we work and we are going to get it! :) 

I love you guys tons and tons and I’m sending tons of prayers your way several times a day. Give everyone lots of hugs for me! :))

Sincerely, Elder Dabel

July 20, 2015

Thanks dad! 

I’m glad to hear how much effort you put into the work. I wish that all the leaders down here were that committed ha.. 

So this week wasn't horrible, but it hurts to see the dats at the end of the week. I feel like we are working our little buts off, and we just aren't having the success that I know that we can have. I pray every day that the Lord can help us find our errors and correct them, and that we can find a way to work this area in which we will see more success. My comp has been a little discouraged from the area and I can kind of see why after four and a half months of no success and tons of rejection. But, we aren't giving up, at least I’m not in Europe, because I hear that missionary work is rough over there!! My district leader gave me some good advice last night about trying everything we do in a new way until we find something that works. Also reading the beginning of PME and going back to the basics. The miracle of this week was the Lord fulfilling his end of our covenant. We made a covenant as a zone that we were going to do 7 listas (we visit families and do an activity to get references) this week. By Saturday we only had 2 listas, but by Sunday night we got the other 5 in. That felt really good:)

Thanks for all the letters every week and thank you for your prayers and support :)))

Tomorrow I hit 6 months who whooo!  :)
July 13, 2015

Hey dad

I’m glad to hear that you guys had fun at girls camp and the week went well. I wish I could have seen Bishop Hill crack eggs on his head! hahaha And you with flour on your face! 

This week I got changed to a new area with Elder Cruz from Tegucigalpa Honduras! He is such a chill guy and even cooler is that he has more time in the mission being a member than out of the mission. He has 17 months in the mission. Before the mission his mom said he couldn't go on a mission, but he kept pestering him about it until she said, “You can go on a mission after you build me a new house.” (She didn't say it seriously, but my comp held onto those words). After a series of events, he was able to get the materials to build the house and he did!!!! His story is super interesting and inspiring. Also, he taught me how to cut my ties and make them skinny, so yeah, I can do that professionally now ;)

This week was a spiritual emotional roller coaster. We started out with not very many lessons and continued until Sunday with 1-2 lessons everyday on average. One day we didn’t have even one lesson. It was super disappointing because I felt like we were putting in a lot of effort to make our goals, and also had made covenants with the Lord, but nothing was going for us. We made a covenant in the beginning of the week as zone that we were going to find 20 new investigators this week. On Saturday we only had 6... I prayed asking the Lord every day to help us reach the 20 nuevos and by Saturday night I was feeling super let down and kept asking the Lord what the heck we were doing wrong, what we could do better, and told him that Sunday we were going to need 14 nuevos a ton of lessons, and a miracle. 

Sunday after church the zone leaders called and said they had completed all their goals and were going to come over to help us throw some fire. It was such a blessing. By the end of the day we had the rest of our district there helping us too. Elder Cruz (ZL) and I were able to find 6 lessons in 5 hours and 16 nuevos. There is no doubt in my mind that the Lord provided for us and completed His end of the covenant. He was definitely testing us until the very end and I’m so glad that we didn't give up haha! At 7:00 Elder cruz and I weren't able to contact and were running around looking for open door houses and people in the street. We found a kid standing at his door and ran over and introduced ourselves. It turns out that he was a member that had moved to the area and had never gone to church in Guajitos. We asked him for references and he brought us to his neighbor. His neighbor didn't have time, so she brought us to her neighbor. Turns out her neighbor was a member that no one new about either! She introduced us to her neighbor and we got a lesson in. Then after that they told us to go visit their other neighbor Claudia. We got a lesson in with her and her 2 kids! Then she introduced us to the other people that lived in her house and it turns out that the father in that family is a member too, but has been inactive for years..... It was a crazy day, full of so many miracles... worst week of my mission, best day of my life!

July 6, 2015

Hey Mamma,

My week went really good:) This week we had the baptism of Manuel Lopez and I got the opportunity to perform the ordinance :) We have been working our butts off here in San Jose Las Rosas and are seeing some big blessings from our efforts. This month we are going to have 3 or 4 baptisms. Two of them are set and one of them is kinda mas o menos (more or less). This last Sunday Luis Gomez bore his testimony and started crying. I found Luis Gomez last month in the street. I really didn't want to go talk to him because he was standing by a little tienda (store) and looked like a drunk and kind of scary. But, I felt like I should go talk to him regardless. I went and introduced myself and he told me that he was a member and that he would really like it if I came by his house. Turns out he, his wife and his kids have been inactive for 4 years and nobody in the ward had even known that they lived in the area. Our first lesson his wife expressed her desires to come back to church and that the last 4 years they had been suffering and knew that they needed to come back to church. The problem was that they didn't know there was a church in the area and had never talked with members in the area!! (Our area is huge, like it takes 45min to get from one end to the other, haha with a bus. The wife had been praying to know what she should to and then guess what? We passed by!! :))) They have come to church every Sunday with us and we are going to have a baptism for their little boy this Saturday. I love this family like crazy!! The sad thing is that I have changes tomorrow and I’m not going to be here to see the baptism:(( I would like to tell you all the details to the story but I don't have much time haha:) I’m glad to hear that you guys are doing great and that my sisters aren't getting in to much trouble. Have fun on the trek!!! 

Don't have too much fun without me ;) working on those cars! hehe
I’m jealous I can’t be there working on the cars with you! Don’t worry, I do have transfers tomorrow. I don't know where I’m going, but I’m sure I’ll love it :) I’m kinda sad that I’m leaving my 3 baptisms that I worked so hard for, but I guess there are other people waiting for me somewhere else :) I’ll be waiting for the letter. I usually get them a month after they are sent. I love you and I hope things are going well at work :)

June 29, 2015

 "Woah woah woah! Okay, so just because I’m gone doesn't mean that my sisters can just start running off with boys! And just because I’m a few hundred miles and a little more away does not mean que ellos pueden avanzar a mis hermans! puchika voy a matar alguien en un ano y medio 
-_- a la gran...... (Does not mean they can make moves on my sisters! I’m going to kill someone in a year and a half...... -_- )

So this week has been full of trials and blessings. We are going to have a baptism this Friday with Manuel Lopes, an investigator that has been working so hard to get over smoking and has finally done it!! :)) We also have a few more baptisms lined up for the next few week that are looking pretty promising. And, one of the girls is going to send in her papers so she can go on a mission!!!!  

Only one more week until changes. I’m going to be super sad to have to leave my area and all the families and friends I’ve made, but on the other hand a change would be nice :)