Monday, July 27, 2015

July 20, 2015

Thanks dad! 

I’m glad to hear how much effort you put into the work. I wish that all the leaders down here were that committed ha.. 

So this week wasn't horrible, but it hurts to see the dats at the end of the week. I feel like we are working our little buts off, and we just aren't having the success that I know that we can have. I pray every day that the Lord can help us find our errors and correct them, and that we can find a way to work this area in which we will see more success. My comp has been a little discouraged from the area and I can kind of see why after four and a half months of no success and tons of rejection. But, we aren't giving up, at least I’m not in Europe, because I hear that missionary work is rough over there!! My district leader gave me some good advice last night about trying everything we do in a new way until we find something that works. Also reading the beginning of PME and going back to the basics. The miracle of this week was the Lord fulfilling his end of our covenant. We made a covenant as a zone that we were going to do 7 listas (we visit families and do an activity to get references) this week. By Saturday we only had 2 listas, but by Sunday night we got the other 5 in. That felt really good:)

Thanks for all the letters every week and thank you for your prayers and support :)))

Tomorrow I hit 6 months who whooo!  :)

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