Monday, July 27, 2015

July 6, 2015

Hey Mamma,

My week went really good:) This week we had the baptism of Manuel Lopez and I got the opportunity to perform the ordinance :) We have been working our butts off here in San Jose Las Rosas and are seeing some big blessings from our efforts. This month we are going to have 3 or 4 baptisms. Two of them are set and one of them is kinda mas o menos (more or less). This last Sunday Luis Gomez bore his testimony and started crying. I found Luis Gomez last month in the street. I really didn't want to go talk to him because he was standing by a little tienda (store) and looked like a drunk and kind of scary. But, I felt like I should go talk to him regardless. I went and introduced myself and he told me that he was a member and that he would really like it if I came by his house. Turns out he, his wife and his kids have been inactive for 4 years and nobody in the ward had even known that they lived in the area. Our first lesson his wife expressed her desires to come back to church and that the last 4 years they had been suffering and knew that they needed to come back to church. The problem was that they didn't know there was a church in the area and had never talked with members in the area!! (Our area is huge, like it takes 45min to get from one end to the other, haha with a bus. The wife had been praying to know what she should to and then guess what? We passed by!! :))) They have come to church every Sunday with us and we are going to have a baptism for their little boy this Saturday. I love this family like crazy!! The sad thing is that I have changes tomorrow and I’m not going to be here to see the baptism:(( I would like to tell you all the details to the story but I don't have much time haha:) I’m glad to hear that you guys are doing great and that my sisters aren't getting in to much trouble. Have fun on the trek!!! 

Don't have too much fun without me ;) working on those cars! hehe
I’m jealous I can’t be there working on the cars with you! Don’t worry, I do have transfers tomorrow. I don't know where I’m going, but I’m sure I’ll love it :) I’m kinda sad that I’m leaving my 3 baptisms that I worked so hard for, but I guess there are other people waiting for me somewhere else :) I’ll be waiting for the letter. I usually get them a month after they are sent. I love you and I hope things are going well at work :)

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