Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday, October 10, 2016

Well this week was awesome. I always wanted to know what it would be like to serve in the USA. Ii think this area is the closest you can get toi it hehe. My area is the richest area in the mission, I love it! Although it does have its downfalls too.. The area is a highway that goes to El Salvador where all the richest people in Guatemala live. So it’s superrrr long and takes like 3 hours or more to walk from one end to the other. There are very few areas to knock doors, so most of our work is done with the members. Our area is mostly made up of residential colonies that have gates and guards with shotguns. If we want to enter we have to have the member call the guards to let us in. The houses of the members are mansions. Literally they are the houses only seen in movies, and they all have pitbulls and rottweilers.

A good portion of the members are ex members of the 70 and mission presidents. The first councilor of President Caffaro lives here too. So in the lessons sometimes we get a little nervous haha.. My favorite part is the food....... so long to rice and beans!!! The members this week gave us lasagna, brownies, crepes, and all the best things you can imagine. We live in the visitor's house of the family Malaga. Hermano Malaga has an interesting story. To be short with it his last wife was planning to murder him and steal all his money, but he felt something was up and had a programer put a program on his computer to listen to things when it was shut and heard his wife explain the whole plan. Then afterwards he asked his friend to send him the missionaries and got baptized.

So the first thing I did when I got to my new home was go to the bathroom... I about crapped myself when I saw the jacuzzi and two toilets and two sinks and a sauna. The first thing I did was go and look at the odd looking 2nd toilet. I could not figure out what it was for. There are levers on the back and I pulled one and a rocket stream of water shot me in the face. It was really gross to find out later that in this house we don't use toilet paper... the jet stream is to clean your butt hehe...I call it the enema-nator! The downfall to our house is that it is humid and all of our stuff has to stay in the suitcase or it will get damp. Our beds are always damp and it is super uncomfortable. I don’t understand why everything is so humid because my area is super cold. We live on top of the mountains and it gets super chilly here. I like it really :)

Our mission leader served in Provo Utah and speaks perfect english. Well to be honest the whole ward knows english because the schools here are in english. It’s awesome, his name is Jose Pablo and he drives us around in his car. This week we saw a ton of miracles. After church a guy walked in and said that he wanted to learn more about the church and know how he could become member. His name is Douglas and we put an appointment for Thursday.

I was buying in the little corner store and an old 80 year old man came and grabbed my arm and said, “I know your country and I went to your church.” I was like ooookayy... that’s cool bro. What’s your name? I’m Arnold, but not Arnold Schwarzenegger, Arnold Castillo. He took us to his house and explained that he was a less active that wanted to come back to church. We invited him to come this last Sunday and he said he would. He showed up and I went and sat with him and we started listening to testimonies. He turned to me and said, I want to go talk, can I go talk? Will you take me to to talk? I supposed he knew what a testimony was and went up with him. This was literally the most embarrassing testimony meeting I have ever been in.

Arnold started talking about how he had a vision he needed to visit the President of Guatemala and that he did and his guards pulled out ak47s and Arnold lifted up his cane. He acted it all out and then said that he started talking to the guards in their own language and then said something that sounded like gibberish to me and got in position of karate kid with his arms extended and knee up. To be honest I can’t believe an old 80 year old man could do it but he did haha. Then fished up his testimony. I was so red sitting behind with the bishop. When Arnold finished he turned around and said thank you to this young American Elder I’m back home. It was a great first impression my first Sunday! Hahaha....

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