Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Letter 12 - Week 13

That is so touching, thank you dad! (David sent him a copy of Aubrey’s Facebook post about how much she loved and missed Jared).   Make sure to let my sisters know how much I love them because I really do and I feel like I might not have shown it as best as I could have. 

It is true that the hardest days a lot of the time are the best. I love coming home to my apartment every night knowing I did my best and being so tired. I just lie down on my bed and pass out (after dats and planning of course.) The days have been moving by so fast and I always feel like I don't have enough time... it's a good thing though because then I don't have enough time to think about how much I miss home. 

Every week life gets better. It feels good to actually talk with everyone freely and not have as much stress on my shoulders of what the heck people are saying. I found that one of the hardest things for me to do is speak the truth and be blunt with the people I love. I really love all these people and wouldn't want to do anything to offend them, but is very necessary to to give them some chikote sometimes. I’m starting to find a good balance between showing love and being blunt at the same time. 

There is one family we have that knows for a fact that the church is true and has had dreams that are crazy. My companion and I have been working with them and haven't been able to get the true reason out of them why they wouldn't just take a step forward with faith and let go of all their little excuses. I mean not everyone in has that rare gift of revelation. We had divisions yesterday with the assistants who are sooooo cool... and they gave them some hard chikote.

The mom finally came out and said she wanted to be baptized so bad, but she couldn't because her husband wouldn't pay for them to get married. He said he didn't have enough money to pay for the party and a dress or even a cake for the marriage. It was so sad and humbling that it almost made me cry when I heard it. We offered to pay for the papers and that we could get the ward and other members of the church to put something together for a celebration. That was an awesome experience.

Oh, sorry about pulling out so much money. I bought an awesome bag made for missionaries and some new athletic shoes because mine ripped. They actually did in the MTC haha but I zip tied them together and that worked awesome for awhile. I still use them for running, but they can’t take the intense soccer we play here. My comp showed me where they sell zapatos de papi foot or soccer shoes for cheap :p

Love and miss you all so much.  

Elder Dabel

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