Monday, August 24, 2015

August 10, 2015

So this week has been full good and bad. To start off with the good :) First we had a baptism!! Her name is Ana Pinto, right now we are also preparing her daughter to get baptized and her husband is trying to overcome an addiction to alcohol. Two weeks ago we received a reference to a lady and we went to go find her. Before we could find her, her daughter found us!! A little girl ran up to me when I was walking down the street and asked "Are you the ones we have been waiting for?" I said, "Ummm I don't think so, why?" She just said, "Oh okay... thank you", and ran off... Later that night I knocked on the door of our reference and the same little girl opened the door and yelled at her mom and said, "Mom! Mom!! They're here mom!" I was like what the heck... After talking to the mom we found out that she was about to commit suicide in the east mission when two missionaries found her and talked her out of it. They said that they could help her, and that they were going to send missionaries to her house. She said that she knew God had sent them to find her, and she knows that we are servants of Him. She was going to commit suicide because she is single and has two daughters and a granddaughter that she has to support. She only earns 20 quets a day making tortillas and was going to be kicked out of her house this month and loose her job. We shared Mormon 9 about miracles and asked her if she believed in miracles. She said yes, and we told her that if she did all the things we were going to invite her to do then the Lord would take care of her. She has done every single thing we have invited her to do. She sacrificed the last two weeks of work so she could be at church. This week she received notice from the owner of her little sheet metal house that she could have another month to live there and could make up the payments. Also, her tortilla boss said that she could continue working there also. Little miracles, but still miracles. I know she is going to receive more through her faith and diligence. 

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