Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015

Hey momma, 

I don't have much time left but, this week I prayed constantly for the poor little dude. Then in the street the other day I found the kids mom and she came to me crying saying that her son escaped. I don't think I responded the way she wanted haha. I accidentally let out a little laugh and smile and was like what? how? She said that somehow he found a stone and broke the chain and ran away. Then the next day he came back and told her that he loved her and he was going to be a good kid and look for work.

It's kind of crazy and hard to believe that he really found a stone and did it the week after we found him... crazy! 

But, he is free now and yesterday he came to church with us!!!! :)

Hey dad;

The temple trip was awesome and I could understand everything said. It's all in vosotros so I cant speak it very well, but my understanding is great. It was a neat experience. I'm glad to hear that all is going good with your job and with the ladies. That's awesome Hayden is coming home:) And hey, you can't let the high run out yet you still got 9 years left! Our Bishop here is a convert of like 12 years, and has been Bishop for the lat 10 years.  Talk about perserevar hasta el fin... (endure to the end).. sadly he is one of the only members out of our 700 that is faithful and comes to church every week and has a strong testimony. The ward here is almost completely fallen. It's being held together by the Bishop, us, and the other missionaries in our ward. It's so hard because we never have anyone to help us and we aren't aloud to enter houses without a guy of 18 years or older. On top of that, all the men are always gone working. 

This week I received my new companion. He is a 26 year old from Columbia, Elder Vigil. He's a cool guy and we get along really well, but he also is super racist. He has an American flag hanging upside down with a huge x on it. I guess Columbia hates us and only likes to sell us cocaine.. also he served in the army there and is super serious. Luckily, he likes me and told me that I'm his favorite American. :) I like him too because he doesn't mind working hard. We have been able to get a ton done this last week. I was suffering with my last companion because he just didn't want to work and gave up on the area. 

I'm getting to the point where I don't want to do anything but work hard. I have found that the harder I work the faster the days seam to slip by, also at the end of the day I feel good to know that I did all I could. 

I love you guys, 

Elder dabel

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