Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Letter 19 - Week 21

Thanks mamma:) 

I don't have time to write all I want to, but this week our investigator that knows more english than spanish went to church with us :) I prayed the whole time that she would feel the spirit. In the middle of the meeting she started crying because of a talk that was given by a boy getting ready to leave on his mission. She put her hand on my knee and than said thank you to me. I almost cried, it was really sweet :) After the meeting she said thank you and gave me hug before I could stop her haha. She didn't know haha, it was funny:) 

It’s really a weird experience every time I teach her because she talks to me in english. I don't know why, but it is so hard for me to teach or express my thoughts to her in english.  I always start rambling off in spanish hahaha... but yeah.. oh yeah by the way you know that feeling you get when you give a talk... yeah well it’s twice as strong when you give one in spanish! A la gran...... love you guys!

I really miss you mama! Thanks for your letters every week :)) I like reading all the stories. They’re so funny lol :).

Hey Papa,

 I can not believe kk crashed the car hahaha .... Thats super funny that she hit a tree!! I’m glad you have found an appreciation for zip-ties ;)) Thanks for all the prayers. Oh, and I’m sorry you couldn't go to the falls. Don't worry, I feel your pain, but not in the same way:) I’m really starting to love it down here. I’m not sure I’m going to want to go home haha.. 

I have the feeling that I’m going to have changes this next change meeting because I really don't want to leave my area. I have made some really good friends that I love like crazy. I’m enjoying the work that I’m doing and the life of a missionary. It is truly a different world that we live in as missionaries; Imagine a world without electronics, without cars, without movies, without cellphones, without regular music. It’s spiritually intense and sooooo much different... but it’s so enjoyable. I don't miss what I don't have until I hear the music in the street or see our investigators watching something. Other than that, I don't miss it at all. Estoy super tranquilo con paz. (I feel very peaceful.) 

The days are just floating by because I am constantly busy thinking about lessons and where we need to go or what to do. This last week was so awesome :) 34 lessons, which is very high for this area, this zone. We had 9 investigators at church, never had that happen. If everything goes through we should be having 4 baptisms here in the next few weeks:)))

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