Monday, October 19, 2015

Wow! That is awesome about the girls refusing to practice on Sunday’s and finding a better gym!! Blessings come from sacrifices.  :) 

So this week was perdy good. I’m getting to the point were I want to start standing up on the busses and contacting and sharing because the people here, in this area, are sooooo heard hearted. We are pressing forward, but I can honestly say this is the hardest area that I’ve ever worked in. We contact a whole bunch, more than I ever have in my life, and aren't seeing a whole lot of success. 

We are focusing a ton on the members and visit them every chance we get. We are helping them talk with their neighbors. Every family in our boundary has committed to the 5 contacts a week. One member (my teacher from the ccm hehe) did his 5 and a few more, and has given us a ton of references. We got one of them to come to church. :)

My companion is doing good. I can’t really tell if he is just quiet or if he feels really home sick, but he tells me he likes it out here and he loves the work. It’s a little stressful because he hardly knows any doctrine. I like to switch back and forth in the lessons and we do, but I’m always praying that he doesn't talk apostasy. I have to go back and recover a lot of things while the people just look at me like; Do you guys really know what you’re saying bro?? o.O  But we are doing a lot of practicing in the morning, so we should get past all that soon.

This week it has rained non stop and I’ve already went through all my shoes. I’m going to a paca (like a goodwill kinda) to look for rain boots. My camera is broke because in my last area my comp dropped it on dIvisions, so the screen doesn't work...:(( I got a camera without a battery or charger that looks like it might work if i can find a battery in the mall today. It’s a lumix dmc-fh2 14 mega pixel. Maybe you can find a battery on Ebay or something. Dad asked if I needed music but I have accumulated a good amount of music through a disk I got from another missionary. If he could send me all the odd-ball songs that the Motab does, like the Lion King or Somewhere Under the Rainbow, that would be awesome:)) 

This week we ate dinner with a family that has a ton of money and they bought us two huge pizzas. I was so excited when we sat down to eat. They opened the box as steam rolled out and my eyes began to water a tad. Then about 6 cockroaches scurried out all over the table haha........ didn't really matter though, I ate like half of the pizza! :P

I love you guys. I hope this next week is fantastical:) 

Sincerely, ELDER Dabel

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