Saturday, March 28, 2015

Letter 8 - Week 9

Hey Momma, 

This week has been pretty amazing. Man the time is starting to fly, we work so hard that we never have time to have time. As soon as I get to my apartment I plan, pray, and desmallarse en mi cama (go to sleep.) 

The spanish is coming, but there is just soooo much. I get really impatient and want to just have it all already. Right now I contact by myself and can do lessons by myself. Usually anything gospel related is cake, as long as I have the spirit with me. I can tell when I have the spirit guiding me because I’m not focused on what I’m going to say. Im listening carefully and respond with whatever comes to my heart. 

The gift of tongues is so real... many times a day I say things that come to my head that I’ve never learned, that just feel right. The other day our faithful friend and convert of three months, Marco Tulio, (who has an awesome story and is the coolest champine en todo el mundo) was accompanying us in our lessons. He said he was so impressed with my spanish and could tell such a big difference between my spanish in lessons where the spirit was present. 

It’s such an awesome feeling to understand what people are saying to me. This last week I’ve been pretty much able to understand anything said. I used to translate the spanish in my head, but now I don’t. This is what has helped me the most, being able to feel what they say like it’s english. Now when someone talks to me in english, if I’m not prepared, I can’t understand what they say because my head is just ready for spanish and I’m like “que manda?”.

This last week we had a huge reunion con missions este, sur, y central, and listened to Elder Anderson speak. I met up with Donavon which was awesome!! He is doing awesome and that really lifted my spirit a lot. 

Oh, also this week I got hit by van. That was scary. I was walking on the side of the road and its side swiped my shoulder. 

Three people got shot right down the road from our apartment.. that was a huge eye opener..

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