Monday, March 16, 2015

Letter 7 - Week 8

So this week was pretty awesome. To start off, my companion and I just had a baptism!! We baptized an 18 year old who's name is Ever Hernandez. He asked me to do the baptism, which was an awesome experience. We are working so hard, I contact so much every day. 

The language is coming poco por poco (little by little). I know a ton, but it’s still not enough. Right now I can contact almost anyone by myself and can struggle my way through a lesson if I have to. Usually my companion doesn't make me do that though haha. I usually just pray and bear my testimony. 

Also this week I GOT TO GO TO A BIG reunion for the south mission. We had a huge arm wrestling competition, and believe it or not, I beat everyone!! So you don't need to feel bad about me beating you dad. It was pretty crazy, after I BEAT everyone they put me up against my mission president, who is freaking huge and coached football. I was like, there is no way I’m beating this guy, but I did it anyways. I don't know how, but I beat him too!! I have yet to find someone that can beat me lol... and I’m the first ever in the mission to beat the president haha.. I’m trying to get a hold of the video so you guys can see. 

The food is still the same... EVERY. FREAKING. DAY... I’m a little jealous that Gavin gets to try all those cool things, but then again I feel so blessed that I’m getting food that I know I can put down, and the language probably isn't so insane here. Luckily a lot of the words are common in english. I have a few pics. I’m going try to upload them and send more next week.

Don’t worry momma I got the pictures you sent  :) Thank you so much, they were all perfect!!! It’s sometimes really hard to look at them though. It hurts bad to think about you guys and look at the pics. I’m so jealous you guys are going on a cruise haha!! But I’m glad everything is going well and the finances are being taken care of by the Lord. Oh and I got the letters you sent! I love being able to read through them over and over again. 

I’m getting your letters dad and I love them!! I love hearing about everything, but it’s such a struggle to write everyone. I’m so glad to hear about Gavin. I pray for him every day. I’m glad to hear that you guys fixed the car, man I really miss getting my hands dirty... 

I love you all very much!


Elder Dabel

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