Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday, February 2, 2015 2nd Letter 

So where should I start?  (: They are letting me write today because we are going on a big trip tomorrow to the market. I know its only been two weeks, but I can honestly say this has been the best experience in my life. This last week has been so much easier than the first. The first week was honestly the longest week of my life. 

My district got new teachers and they are pushing us twice as fast as any other group.  My testimony of the gospel, this gospel, Gods work has grown so much. I realize how much happier I am when I have the spirits comfort and follow his guidance. The language is coming faster and faster. I can bare my testimony, say a prayer, teach most lessons, I’ve memorized the first vision and the baptismal invitation. My teacher gave us three days to learn all of them. I thought for sure it was impossible... but anything is possible with the Lords help and I know for a fact that it is through Him that we are excelling so fast. 

I’m pretty sure our two teachers, Hermano Abidillo and Hermano Moralles, are two of the Three Nephites... they do nothing but work all day for the Lord, or at least Abadillo does. He teaches us every day until 2 and then he goes to work some where else. Then we go to the temple and he is a temple worker there. He’s only 22 and by far the most spiritual intelligent man I have ever met. My other teacher Hermano Moralles wakes up at 5:30am and goes to college until 12. Then he drives two hours to the MTC to teach us until 9:30pm. He then drives two hours back home and does home work for a few hours. I have no idea how he does it... He does it every day and is always positive. He’s working towards mechanical engineering. He encourages me to work harder and I look so highly of him, and his example gives me encouragement too!

About Guatemala... so first off I forgot to tell you a few important facts. Firstly, there are guards on every other corner where big stores and gas stations are. They all have shot guns and it reminds me of the movie Ride Along where Kevin Heart says he is more of a shot gun perfectionist. I can just imagine what happens when these little dudes shoot them. Most of them are 5 foot and have the shortest little legs. We know that they shoot them because we hear shot guns go off a few times a week. Our MTC president said we will probably see a few bodies in the street through out our mission because they don't move them for a day or two sometimes.

The guards in front of the MTC are loaded too. I don't think they have ever had to use them but we do have two or three guards.

Also a very important fact and the thing that excites me most about my mission is the cars here. Oh man... THEY have the nicest cars ever!!!! You would think of them all being ghetto as heck, but no, they are all very nice and are tinted so people can’t see in to steal stuff. Every night we hear squeaking tires and engines. I have seen all of my favorite cars here and there is a plethora of unmolested beauties. I have seen so many STI’s I can’t even count and that’s just looking through the windows. I have seen so many Trueno and Levin ae86 corollas, even a few 240sx plus tons of modded e36. And I even saw a nissan GTR on our way to a conference.

I miss you guys so much and can’t wait for my pictures! They said its really important to have pictures to show families while you're teaching.

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