Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25, 2016

So guess what!!! I’m zone leader in my first zone. The cool thing is that I already know my area a little bit and can do divisions in my 1st area! When I got the call saying I was going to La Brigada I was like, “Ooww... this area is the biggest mess ever!” It’s a huge labyrinth, the roads are all curved and don't connect. It looks like the people threw paint on the map and said, “Hey you see all those little spots? Build houses there!” hahaha... 

I literally have no idea how to get anywhere. I did divisions in my 1st area last week! It was awesome!! It turns out a lot of people that I found there ended up getting baptized with my second comp which is super cool. Looks like my fruits went farther than I thought. 

I went and showed the elders there a contact that I made when I was there that I always wanted to visit, but never had a member to help. We had such a cool lesson with her and her family, and even cooler is that she went to church Sunday haha!!! Looks like the Lord has been preparing these people for awhile and wanted me to know the contact.. Man he works in mysterious ways. When I went and talked to the lady she talked to me like she knew me and I was like you remember me!? She was like yeah, you pass by all the time and I saw you like a month or so ago. Why wouldn't I know you? I was like I talked to you like a year ago haha but that’s cool. It was awesome!

Being zone leader is cool, wayyy better than district leader in my opinion. It’s more responsibility, but more laid back too. I only have to make sure the district leaders are doing their job and worry about getting dats to the assistants. My companion and I both are zone leaders so we share the load too.

In my area we have quite a few people progressing that could be baptized here soon. We got a reference from the bishop of a guy that has been attending another ward really far away so we went and looked for him. He is a super awesome guy. He is about ready to get baptized, but we want to get the wife and daughter baptized to. They are Christians that go to a church called Evangelico. 

There are two main religions here, Catholic and Evangelico. You’re catholic when you don't live any law, and evangelico when you take it to the extreme and are basically a pharisee.. They hit people with the bible and scream and have rock bands that scare me! But we had an awesome lesson with the family. Our next visit the wife asked a ton of questions and at the end said she was confused because she felt we taught the truth, but it was all so different and new to her. power of the spirit man..

My new comp is Elder Galicia. He’s from El Salvador. He was in my zone when I was training so I know him a little bit already. He is chill and obedient so this change should be a good one:) I really hope those words don't come back to bite me! haha

Tell everyone I love them!  

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