Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015

Hey Mamma,

So this week has been really good! This Saturday we had the baptisms of Silvia and her daughter Angelica. It has been awesome to see their progress since the day we started teaching them. Silvia was on the brink of committing suicide, but the Lord sent two missionaries to talk her out of it. They passed the reference to us and we were able to make her promises and representatives of the lord that have already come true. She has shown so much faith and has seen so many miracles. I`m glad that I was placed in this area and feel like the Lord sent me here specifically to help her.  :)

Thanks for all the photos Mommma!! Wow, I have some pretty sisters. If I get sent home for stabbing an elder here don't be surprised. He stole a photo of Emma and won’t give it back. He says he wants to marry her, even though he has a girl waiting for him. If he writes Emma’s email tell her to turn him down nicely and say that she is getting married please!!! :) Thank you :)

Wow that is exciting about Moroni.  When does he leave? And, I know right, the time is flying and I still feel soooo greeny ha :(

You guys went rafting with my friend without me:)??? He doesn't like my sister or something right?? Oh and Emma is a smart, sneaky lil girl. Haha that’s funny about her schedule and lunch with that boy.  :) 

I love you!

Thanks dad! :) 

I have been learning the importance of slowing down these last two months. I’ve learned that walking fast and teaching the lessons from a pamphlet isn't the best thing. Instead my companion and I (especially this change ) just hand them the pamphlet and ask lots of questions and listen. We find a need and then apply stories from our lives and the life of Jesus Christ. Also, I have learned that the most important thing to teach is the atonement because it is the center of the gospel. It is the gospel! Every one has a need of the atonement too! In every lesson we try to apply the atonement and testify. The thing I like most about being a missionary is that if you have your testimony, you have everything. You can’t be confounded by men when sharing it, and the power of the spirit will touch them and they just know.  :) 

I love you dad, I hope you guys have an awesome week!

September 7, 2015

Hey, so this week has been awesome! I haven't been keeping you guys updated with Silvia, but she is doing amazing now:) She has been going to church and reading everything that we leave her. She is so excited for her baptism this Saturday:) I was definitely sent to this area to help her and her kids. :) We got them moved into a new house and are working to help her get her tortilleria going. She has been seeing a lot of miracles. It feels so good to know that the promises I made to her our first lesson as a representative of Christ are coming about. She has done everything we have asked and has made sacrifices to show her faith and is seeing miracles:) She is in a house 100 times better too. It actually has a real roof and has running water and electricity and she pays a lot less! :) 

Oh, and Mario got away again and we are teaching him again!

I have been getting along great with my companion too! :) Our cook at night said she couldn't cook for us anymore, so were cooking all the time. Neither of us know how to cook to save our lives, but it’s fun trying at night haha.

August 30, 2015

Hey Momma,

Thanks for sharing your experience:) I have often wondered if I am good enough to be out here, because I don't always do things the way that all the other missionaries do them. Most of the missionaries here are from Utah and have everything memorized and sometimes I’m like, wow I really let down the Lord in mission preparation. But, I have learned also that the Lord is just going to use me for a different aspect of the work in the areas were I don't meet with the other missionaries. I have a good amount of stories that I can tell people that help explain topics.  :) 

Always remember the Lord loves you just the way you are:) If we are trying our best then he is orguoso de nosotoros.

I really love my Bishop because he reminds me so much of grandpa. Before he got baptized he was a drunk that always liked to "mujeriar" he says. Meaning he liked a lot of women. He does everything different than any other Bishop I’ve ever seen and I love it. It’s so funny when he gets up to speak in sacrament and he forgets someones name and he asks them in the middle of sacrament!  hahahaah. He talks to all of us and includes us, it is super weird, but it’s perfect.:) 

So mario escaped.. 4 days later he got in a fight and his brother carried him home and his mom chained him up again. pobresito... but there isn't anything we can do... just pray that he finds another rock to escape again.

Love you guys!

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